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About Me 

My name is Jessica Hempfling. I was raised in Houston, Texas where my 

passion for art began. When I was young I started out drawing and then worked my way towards other art mediums. I have always been fascinated by fonts, lettering, calligraphy, bright colors, symbolic style, and the list goes on. I just love creating! I started practicing lettering when I was about 10 trying to master fonts. I then took a break from that and discovered my love for painting around the age of 16 and it continues to grow more and more each day. I would describe my art style as dreamy, whimsical, abstract, brightly colored, and very symbolic. My style is all over the board; I'm always wanting to switch it up, learn, and try something new which perfectly explains my personality. I'm a traveler and always ready for the next adventure. I'm a self taught artist that had to practice for years to reach the level I'm at and I'm still practicing and learning each day. After moving to Nebraska in 2017 I began to pick up calligraphy and lettering again. I've had quite a journey to get to this point and am very thankful to have met many wonderful and knowledgeable people along the way. My goal is to continue to connect with beautiful souls and to inspire and uplift as many people as I can with my artwork. 

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