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About Me 

Jessica Hempfling | Fling Inspiration painting
Jessica Hempfling | Fling Inspiration at art show
Jessica Hempfling | Fling Inspiration painting upside dowm

Hello again! Welcome to my site!


I'm a multi-discipline artist that works with a little of everything such as acrylic, chalk, resin and much more. I create with what I'm feeling in the moment and always wanting to explore and experiment. Basically I'm an artist with no niche and wouldn't have it any other way.

I originally started my journey as mini me in kindergarten doodling or sketching and using whatever I had around me to create. Throughout the years I got curious and dabbled with other mediums to discover my passions with acrylic painting, chalk, and calligraphy. As an adult I explored more mediums and got out of my comfort zone to see what they had to offer. As I started to find new love and appreciation for other forms of art, I learned how each one performs and provides for not only the art piece but for the soul. Through each stage of my life I have utilized the creative process as a form of therapy and meditation. I struggle with vocalizing the mess of thoughts in my head or what I'm feeling in the moment, so through art I have found my voice to express to the world. 

My passion is art and to inspire others through it.

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